How do I get the Wonderland Gift Shoppes App?


Simply go to the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play store on your phone and search for Wonderland Gift Shoppes on your device.


Once I Get the App, What Do I Do?


You will receive a username and password in your chairperson folder when you receive your product delivery.
If you can not find the login info or you misplaced them, please call 407-951-5522.  
In order to login, you will need an internet connection either through WIFI or with a cellular data connection.


Virtually every item in our shop is coded with a price group sticker. Simply tap the button that corresponds with the sticker on the item. As you tap, a yellow call out box will appear. The number of items and total cost will update at the top of the screen.  

When you are done, tap the large DONE button. You will then be presented with a notification verifying that you are in fact done and prompting you to send the customer to the checkout line. If you are not done, just tap NO and return to the calculator screen. If you are done, tap YES. The app will clear the calculator and zero-out everything, getting ready for the next customer. 

Edit Selections

This screen is displayed by tapping the Edit button on the calculator screen's toolbar area. This screen is used to display the item selections in a list format and allows you to edit your selections (increase or decrease).

Get In-App Help

Tap on the question mark at the bottom of the calculator, and receive some help for the app. Tap the help screen to return to the calculator.