Training Videos

1.  Shoppe Arrival
3.  Getting Volunteers
5.  Operating Your Register 
5b.  Operating Your Register - Replacing the Tape
2.  Setting Up Your Shoppe
4.  Running Your Shoppe
5a.  Operating Your Register - Bargain Box
5c.  Operating Your Register - Selling other Merchandise

*NOTE:  Instructions for using Dept 15 key to sell your own items is outdated.  We now use Dept. 25. See Cash Register Operating Instructions for details.

5d.  Register - Quantity Key
5f.  Register - Opening Cash Drawer
5h.  Register - Sample Transaction
6.  Readings & Reorders
8.  Do's & Dont's
5e.  Register - Returns
5g.  Register - Reading X & PLU
5i.  Register - Troubleshooting
7.  Daily Reconciliation
9.  Closing Down the Shoppe
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