Virtual Register 

Wonderland Gift Shoppes is excited to offer our 

customers a fun and unique way of cashing out

your sales.  Our virtual register is entirely web-based.  

What that means for you is no more fussing with

clunky registers and messy register tapes.  You simply

login with your unique credentials and start selling!


Top reasons to choose our virtual system!

  • No register tape to fuss with.

  • Item refunds with just a click.

  • Sales reports at your fingertips.

  • No need to fax or call in reorders.

  • Virtual scanning wands are faster!

  • Web technology is familiar and easy to use!


We provide the barcode scanner.  We are able to see your sales in real time and will produce a customized reorder for you that will be delivered to your school very early the next day!  It's a breeze!   

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