Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced and established company serving students and schools since 2003.  We work closely with each school before, during, and after your shop to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

Affordable - Kid-Friendly Prices

We offer more than 40 gifts 75 cents or under with almost 100 products in the 25¢, 50¢, 75¢ and $1.00 price groups. Plus, we offer a large selection of items for all price groups so students have the best variety when they shop.

Our amazing gifts speak for themselves.  No other holiday shop company offers the number of quality name brand items we do.  Our buying team goes to great effort to ensure we offer the latest and greated trends for each season.  You will NOT be disappointed.

We are one of the only holiday shops that offers a "virtual (web-based) register," which is an online point-of-sale that tracks what you sell based on the unique SKU.  This allows us to see your sales in real time and produce a reorder for you.  We also offer a price-checking app that is used by the volunteers to check each child's basket before they are in the checkout line and make sure they have enough money.  This app is a huge time saver!  No more backed-up checkout lines due to refunds.  

No-Count Inventory

You do not count your inventory at Wonderland, ever....and we mean it! Our system is a true honor system.  After your shoppe ends you simply fill out our step-by-step Close-Out Sheet, pack up your shoppe, include the payment in the provided envelope and someone will be there to pick up your shoppe at the scheduled time.

Our Price & Profit Guarantee

Wonderland Gift Shoppes guarantees you'll receive the exact profit you've chosen for every gift you sell.  We highlight this because many companies do not show their prices and profit percentages but emphasize you'll 'average' or will earn 'about' a certain percentage.  Wonderland never wants to hear volunteers say they made less than they thought they would.


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