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What We Do

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2022 Holiday Shoppes

Want to host a Shoppe  at your school?

Why Choose Us?

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Our goal here at Wonderland Gift Shoppes is to offer a risk-free, in-school holiday shop so children can experience the thrill of "secretly" buying gifts for family and friends. We feature a range of affordable, quality gifts, including top name-brand items! We are dedicated to providing you with everything you need in order to make your experience FUN and EASY.

As a no-risk program, you only pay for what you sell. No payment is due until after your sale is finished. There is no counting inventory when the shoppe arrives and no counting inventory when it’s over. Reorders are figured for you automatically with our virtual register system and can be delivered to your school as often as needed. Or, choose to customize your reorder selections, and we will ship or deliver to your school promptly.

Call Wonderland Gift Shoppes today at 407.951.5522

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